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These channels can be mixed in with tracks played off of the harddisk via the software application employed. The samples were loaded there, it just took some time for me to get everything working amiably together. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The system routing can handle it all as directed by the user. As an example of the mixer’s flexibility you can use the input, outputs or busses in just about any configuration you desire. Huge systems could be configured as just 8 units coupled together formed a 96 track system with sample accurate synchronisation and could be controlled from one editing screen.

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IDE disks, which at first had been ridiculed by many as non-professional, nevertheless had dominated the PC market and were approximately half the price of SCSI.

The Mixtreme mixer appeared. Jobs We are always looking for talented people! Imagine using your synthesizer keyboard as a controller but hearing a sampled Yamaha Concert Grand.

I have an older 2.

In the Soundscape R. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Mackie was also haemorrhaging cash in many areas and in suddenly closed Sydec’s doors. Our plug-ins are only available here online.


The mixer has 16 internal busses per unit for internal effects processing. It is my experience that I get more satisfactory, consistent and quieter results from a balanced cables. Live Consoles L L L The effects packages are worthy of a full review themselves and are beyond the scope of this review.


The two-band eq was quite flexible and I was able to narrowly define the range “Q” and amplitude of the frequency I was manipulating. The recordings were clear, detailed and full-sounding. If the Control Panel starts the Firmware Updater, please follow the onscreen instructions carefully and update the firmware immediately.

– – your best source for information on the Digital Audio Workstation.

LinkedIn News, tech talk and other good stuff. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. This system would be particularly effective in a live setting where a user is incorporating audio clips, MIDI sequences and synthesizer samples simultaneously – – a great DJ setup.

Check out our searchable map showing SSL equipped studios around the world. The Mixtreme PowerPak comes with a suite of software that is intended to give the buyer all the necessary tools to record. This drive is not as fast nor is it DMA capable.

Soundscape Digital Technology – Wikipedia

The mixer features user-definable channel routing and real-time effects plug-ins that act independently of the software application used for recording. The mixer window is simple and in comparison to some other multi-track packages has a rather pedestrian appearance. I was able to route signal paths at will. Post zoundscape pictures and if we like them we will share them with the world.

I added a bass track with the GigaSampler Classic Rickenbacker bass.


I recorded the basic, finger-picked acoustic guitar track, overlay an accompanying guitar track, and a vocal track very easily. As I do with every new product, I first read the manuals. Mackie announced to the world’s music industry that they had bought Soundscape at the NAMM show inwhich wasn’t correct, and in doing so infringed the images, logos copyright owned by Soundscape Digital Technology Ltd.

A firmware update requires a complete Power Cycle to activate the new Firmware Image, so after the Firmware Update is finished, please power down your MAC, wait 5 seconds and power it on again. The point is that the DSP chip aided significantly in allowing application of CPU cycle hungry effects without losing real-time ability. The sales completely halted as the Soundscape distribution network suddenly had no access to the product and the deep knowledge and energy of the Soundscape team that had driven the product to success had disappeared.

Having picked themselves off the floor, Sydec’s MD together with Johan Bonnaerens and 3 others reformed as Sydec Audio Engineering and mixreme a deal with Mackie to sell off the stock of Mackie built units. The multi-client ability of the Mixtreme architecture provides tremendous flexibility for recording sessions.