Posted on November 27, 2018


Setup Flash Tools Or Open. You can generate an imei. Did you ever put a PL device driver on your PC? Has made the MTK Driver and available to all users for free. However, other than these Windows versions, the Mediatek driver installer will not work. You just need to restore it when you lose it, in order to fix IMEI issues. The video above shows the serial as it is provided from the preloader.

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My serial is still You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view lenovo a cdc discussions and access our other features. You can now safely disconnect your phone and turn it on. It actually doesn’t detect the phone but with the right combinations of Power on sequences it accepts Flash Tool download. But unless if you have the tools and skills, it is not for the normal user. Next he went to look on the circuitboard itself.

Restoring Values From here, there are two possible methods to go through.

In it, I did see above COM port, but not one before that. I can imagine that if you break your MBR, the phone would appear to be very bricked, but not as deeply as when the preloader itself is broken. So please do tell me which. You just need to restore lenivo when you lose it, in order to fix IMEI issues.


Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums. And as I have mentioned earlier, the driver folder has as an auto installer. So, this driver installer will install within a second on your device. Your case is a completely different than mine so i guess we’ll have to wait for Master Shifu z516 to further advice you since you 5a16 have a full factory ROM.

Lenovo A Update flash file download link. Check if the connection was successful.

Cdc Serial Driver Lenovo A Stock – soupls

Ah, so you still have it then? About Our Official Website mtk-file. As to adeelahmed11, if you want to try this, it may be better to first wait for a real A ROM. Mostly said Mediatek is ‘unbrickable’ so lets hope we’ll be able to ‘unbrick’ adeelahmed11 A Either you did not really brick your preloader. That is what I suspect, cdf we have learned to distrust my suspicions. But if he is correct, then the procedure will most likely be to remove the battery, connect the cable, start the download in the flash program and insert the battery.

How To Download and Install Lenovo A516 Official USB Drivers 2019

Lenovo Smartphone Model Name: Or maybe they can drive the USB without preloader software in some rudimentary mode. So, all driver credits go to the Mediatek Inc. If not that is a further hint your phone was not truly bricked.


The ROM is with password bbs. Well, i guess V is for V after all but it lenovl very similar to A system files. No need to be fancy, just an overview.

Official scatter Firmware Support Box: But first, it initializes the USB port, and has some bytes of software so that the USB port can be used to communicate and reflash. When i used maui meta to change barcode, still my serial number is below that SN is PN xxxxxxxxxxxxx where x is the original serial number that i entered i still have no network.

So, just click on the download links and your driver will be downloading to your PC. lrnovo

If you overwrite it with more wrong stuff using this deeper level, well, it will not improve matters. Direct Download Google Drive.