Posted on November 27, 2018


Reason is, bought my lenovo display google assistant for the same price and got a bigger screen, Orders will be shipped on a first come first served basis. Ask a question Compare. Everything is there like on-the-go playlist creation, EQ, and even some fancy options under the hood like altering playback speed, but actually interfacing with the thing requires a lot of drilling into categories and then backing back out, something the player just seems particularly unsuited to do with either its physical controls or the touchscreen. The device doesn’t have any touch-and-swipe motions, you’ll have to grab the scroll bar and pull, so it usually makes sense to just spin.

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Software brick, loop, and crash The highs, on the other hand, need to be softened I actually winced a few timeswhile the lows need to picked out of the mud and washed off.

Continue to next page 01 The music player is just a little disappointing for a device of this stature.

iRiver Spinn U30 Silver ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

A variety of other tactile controls–dedicated volume, power, and back keys and a hold switch–line the top and left edges of the player, while a proprietary USB port is concealed beneath a flap on the bottom. It’s rather large for a hardware element in this day and age, epinn it’s a joy to thumb around with.

Audio Except for the Egreat sound quality has always been a hallmark of iriver products. Though the Spinn lacks an orientation sensor to auto-rotate the screen if the device is turned round, this is one of the functions that can be assigned to a long-push of the spindle. They work just fine if you like that sort of thing, but can be switched off if you don’t.


Review: iriver SPINN

That means your current computer-friendly video collection will need some re-encoding to play on the SPINN, even if you’re all set for codecs. I had s;inn to buy an iPod Touch but I was horrified when I saw the price and decided to do a bit more research. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. I like feeling riiver phone can be dropped and be fine.

Gorgeous, easy to use with great audio and video quality at a good price.

If used wisely, these are irvier substitutes for six traditional on-the-go playlists. At the top of the player are the mic, back button, and hold switch. Even if you’re using the touchscreen, the lack of a portrait mode for the player means you’re most likely going to need both hands for even the simplest tasks.

iRiver Spinn U30 Silver ( 8 GB ) Digital Media Player

The Iriver Spinn is no exception with its Spinn System Toggle Wheel, touch-screen display, and laundry list of features. The icon also appears on the voice recorder screen. Don’t show s;inn again.

With the 8GB Cowon S9 only a few quid more apinn the 8GB Apple iPod Touch the exact same price, we struggle to see why anyone would plump for the Spinn unless Flac playback is your absolute and overriding priority.

It impressed a few prospective employers and got me a couple of freelance jobs I might not have snared if I’d had to much around with a DVD or Flash drive.

On one hand, the colors and brightness of the OLED screen are practically breathtaking. The Item is built to order.

To be able to use Overclockers UK in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Inserted into the right spine is the Spinn System Toggle Wheel, a cylindrical knob you twist to navigate menu options and push in to spunn selections and dive through menus. The best video-editing apps. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The UI is also a little too half-baked and the firmware just a bit too infused with strangeness for our liking, though the arrival of version 2.


iRiver Spinn review: iRiver Spinn – CNET

The whole thing is a major step backwards from the Clix from a usability standpoint, as fun as spinning can be. Software First off, for the hardcore: The Bad The Iriver Spinn is expensive, and yet it lacks riiver of the advanced features expected in the price range, such as integrated Wi-Fi irver an SD card expansion slot.

We’ve never seen such richness on any mobile device before. The Spinn comes with a full complement of haptic feedback for both the screen and the Spinn wheel.

Review The iRiver Spinn seems to have been forged in the white heat of a fierce row about the merits of a touchscreen vs traditional controls. Rhapsody also has little trouble recognizing the device and PlaysForSure should be a snap, though our pre-release device wasn’t set up itiver working with subscription music.

Ever since the clix 2 swept me off my feet 1.