Posted on November 28, 2018


I don’t know why this doesn’t work with Ubuntu These must come after lp and before rtc. Hi DaveInTheWave, I have uploaded a video of this setup and demo in youtube and embedded the same in this post. I’m talking to the Neway company, who sell me the LCD with the eGalax touchscreen device incorporated into the main board. If I don’t calibrate it at default, my ups and downs are my rights and lefts, vice versa. Hey Black God, thanks for the tutorial this looks like a really fun project!

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This page is a documentation of my dealings with various touchscreen devices I’ve encountered. Now we need to install the right X input driver. This is pro, dude.

September 15th, 1. A simple way to check for connections is to check each one for events: Note that this tool should be run X windows environment. Can you please explain it al little bit? After the first touch, the pointer stucks on the upper left corner of the screen. Here is a nice article on compiling your kernel for Raspberry Pi. The device has an integrated serial touchscreen, and the manufacturer is notorious for hiding any and all documentation on legacy devices such as this one.

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Getting eGalax touch screen on Ubuntu to work

Thank you very much for the Tutorial. Troubleshooting Different modes and drivers accept different xinput options. Thank you for the post! Now it is time to edit xorg.

eGalax Touchscreens in 14.04LTS

New USB device strings: I don’t know why this doesn’t work with Ubuntu This guide focuses on getting touch screen worked. Here is where do liinux need to find this module. Do you happen to have a youtube video of this up liinux running at all? I keep fighting with this. Skip to the section for configuring serial devices for these machines. The calibration or one or more axes may be swapped, but if the calibration is approximate then it’s probably the correct driver.

The same device 0eef: It basically uses an eGalax USB touch driver.

Nothing I’ve tried seems to be able to fix that. Serial connection If there is no reference to a touchscreen device in your lsusb output, the connection is most likely through one of your serial ports.

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Again, don’t worry if the calibration isn’t perfect, or if an axis is inverted or reversed – this will be addressed in the calibration section. The first step in getting this done is to compile the raspbian kernel with necessary kernel module.

The methods documented here should work with other distros as well. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. If your x and y axis are swapped, use the “Evdev Axis Swap” 1 verb: I’ve documented everything with photos here on Google Drive https: July 18th, 5.

I’ve Googled around and found threads like thesebut unfortunately these solutions don’t work anymore with the most recent Ubuntu version.