Posted on November 27, 2018


Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Real-time overclocking, benchmarking and video capturing in any PC game! It’s time to let these once-proud veterans of the videocard wars retire to greener pastures. In Case You Missed it In many high end gaming computers, the graphics cards alone draws more power than the CPU, sometimes even the entire PC system! In fact, it draws so little power that you don’t need an auxiliary 6-pin power connector to run it.

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Timely adjustment with handy knob: Asus ENGT – yesterday’s card today. There are other low-wattage videocards that can offer video acceleration and HDMI output as well. In Case You Missed it The DVI video jacks don’t natively carry audio, so this is reason for the extra jumper cable. En99600gt Speed adjustable 3.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

Turn your PC into an amazing entertainment system with HDMI

Around front we find two Digital DVI jacks, one yellow the other white. Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Related Articles Here are a few other articles that you might enjoy as well Please refer specification pages for full details.

Of course, you’ll have to have an nForce based motherboard to do this. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


In fact, it draws so little power that you don’t need an auxiliary en9600ht power connector to run it. Find out about this and many other reviews by joining the Weekly PCstats.

ENGT MG/HTDP/MD2 | Graphics Cards | ASUS Global

This, combined with the low wattage requirements, might make this videocard a match for those looking for a decent videocard to sit inside a home theatre PC, but the flies have found their way into that ointment as well.

It can even be configured to work in half height mode for a slim computer chassis. Top 5 Heatsinks Tested. One thing is clear, neither ATi or nVIDIA is a saint when it comes to the power consumption of modern graphics cards, but at least each successive generation is decreasing it’s power requirements while improving gaming performance!

ENGT/HTDI/M | Graphics Cards | ASUS

With the onslaught of Radeon HD videocards hitting the streets right now, it’s got be tough being a graphics card with a mainstream nVidia GPU.

Rotate to adjust volume, GPU clock, Memory clock and fan speed Real-time information display adjustment 1. NVidia’s graphics cards do not incorporate an audio codec, so the audio signal needs to be connected to the videocard manually. The computer industry is slowly but surely moving towards more energy efficient products and better manufacturing processes.

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. There are no big-ticket games included here. The large fan it selected runs pretty quietly so noise isn’t a problem, it’s just that the heatsink stands tall enough to occupy an extra slot of space.


If you’re looking for HDMI output and video acceleration for an HTPC, there are plenty of entry-level videocards that are not only less expensive, but are also passively cooled and completely silent. For clearer view on the power demands of the Asus ENGT, PCSTATS will en9600yt the total system power draw with a ej9600gt meter and comparing this against the same basic installation with a couple different videocards.

Or at least give them a price cut. Websites you may also like: Once the darling of the budget en9600ggt computer gamer, nVidia’s Geforce GT has been pushed aside by AMD’s mainstream HD and the sudden swell in Crossfire supporting 4-series Intel motherboards.

Gigantic 1GB memory on board & Exclusive Glaciator Fansink

GPU shader clock adjustable 4. Memory Speed adjustable 5. NVIDIA’ s move to a 55nm production process, and a new stepping that asuss reduced voltage requirements helps make this videocard compatible with a lot of older PCs.